John B Voorpostel
   Corporate Memory Builder

  Adding Value, Not Just Numbers

Keeping More Than Numbers
          And Your Eye On The Basics


Traditional Accounting and Tax
Accounting and Non Assurance Financial Statements
Personal, Corporate and Trust Tax Planning and Compliance
Numbers For Compliance And Strategic KPIs

 More Than 30 Years Of Helping People
      Make Better Business And Financial Decisions

Strategic Decisions And Trusted Wisdom Questions
Business and Financial Strategies That Work
Professional Relationships With Quality People

Seminars For Business Owners, Their Spouses And Teams
Open Source Software That Is Awesome And Free
 Corporate Memory Building
          Via Smart Taxonomies, Communities of Practice,
                 And Simple Machines

Increase Profits And Worth Via 
                 Improved Dialogue And Connections
                 Improved Learning And Decisions
                 Systemic Integration Of Know How and Work Product
                 Systemic Organization Of Business Strategies, Tools
                 No More Reinventing The Wheel
                 No More Losing Know How When People Leave
                 Flattened Learning Curves For Newcomers

1) We Implement Simple Machines With Your IT People
2) We Organize Smart Collaborative Spaces and Taxonomies
3) We Help Grow Your Community of Practice



Imagine What You Can Accomplish
     If You Knew What You Know

Appropriate Memories
      Begin With

      Smart Taxonomies 

     Corporations      Government      Not For Profit       Associations
 What is your primary purpose, your raison d'etre?

    People,  Discussion,  Decisions,  Activities,  Resources

Simple Machines, Smart Taxonomies

       Communicate More Securely

       Work Smarter
       Learn Better
       Remember More

Secure eMail
  Open Source and Free 256 Bit
  Right Click Encryption \Decryption
We Use This
  To Securely Email Electronic Data Files

Free Office Suite
Open Document Foundation
Donation and Developer Supported


 Accounting Services Are Billed By John B Voorpostel CPA, CA
 According To Time Spent, Complexity, And Outcome Achieved.
 Activities Are Regulated By Professional Standards and Ontario Laws.

 Community of Practices Are Billed Via Quotes
 And Fixed Fee Contracts Administered By Info L inc


We Will Only Undertake An Engagement If We Can Agree, To Our
Mutual Satisfaction, That Its Value Is Greater Than The Price We Charge

     While We Are At It, We Are Also

        Open Source Software Champions and Enthusiasts
                    And We Can Help Save You Money

           Askers Of Trusted Wisdom Questions

                 Providers of Powerful Seminars
 To Business Owners, Their Spouses, Teams and Advisors

iAccountant Is
  John B Voorpostel CPA, CA
Corporate Memory Builder
      Proud Founder and Member


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   For Canadian Accountants and Their Clients
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